Unique Ways To Honor Your Loved One

Funerals are a sad time. You've lost someone you love and care for. A funeral doesn't have to be sad, though. A funeral is a great way to honor this beloved person in your life and it's a way to relive all of the memories of this person. It's a time to share in the good times and fun stories about this person as well. To help honor this person there are unique things you can do. Read on for ways to honor your loved one.

Skip The Guest Book

Rather than using a guest book for people to sign and leave their address, have stones with a photo of the person you lost. Have everyone write something on the stones such as a memory or something about the person they loved the most. They can write their names on the back side of the stone. The stones can be used in a garden or placed around the headstone or burial site, or kept in a jar.

Personalize The Church Or Room

If you are having funeral services in a church or in the funeral parlor room, personalize the room a bit. It can help make the funeral feel more like the person is there with you. Personalize the room with items the person that passed loved the most such as items from a favorite sports team, or use quilts to line the church pews that the deceased made or had in their home. Making the room feel more personal to the person that passed can make your guests feel more comfortable as well.

Serve Favorite Foods

Skip the usual foods served at a funeral and instead serve foods the person loved the most, or serve foods that this person cooked all the time or was known for. Use this person's recipes for the food you serve. This is another great way to honor the person that passed. This will give your guests something to talk about and enjoy, and can help stir up memories of the person you lost.

Release Floating Lanterns

Release paper lanterns into the air to honor the deceased. You can write something special on the lanterns or attach a small piece of paper with a memory written on it before you release them into the air. Do this after the funeral with your guests or with the ones that were closest to the deceased.

There are ways to honor the deceased that don't include a lot of sadness. Remember the person that you lost and reminisce with your guests with good memories and stories.

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